Challenge Electromechanical Works LLC had been there since 1995. CEW has its foundation in long years of experience in dealing with different kind of client environments and excellent MEP services knowledge. Today we have reached the point where we have started to tie loose knots in the market, with an open forum for growth and prosperity. During the past period of CEW history, CEW achieved excellence as MEP services provider in the UAE that delivers broad set of long term business relationship.

Moreover, CEW has formed alliances with the best regional MEP products provider in the UAE to serve our clients wherever they are located.

Products & Services

Challenge Electromechanical Works Company with Grade-A status, CEW is a quality business house in the UAE having wide business interest including Engineering Contracting activities in MEP Building Services, Operation & Maintenance of MEP Building Services, Facility Management, State-of-the-art assembly and testing facility for world renowned Technology. On demand Trading in various Engineering products and Systems with International Manufacturers such as Siemens, Bosch, Mitsubishi, Ogeneral , Cooline, tyco, Ducab, Safeco, etc.